Hey Mom, Look What I Made!!

My recent DIY projects have me just about as excited as a little kid with her drawings hung front and center on the refrigerator door - take a peek.

An antique piano board backing + A few favorite knobs from Anthropologie = A fabulous and fabulously practical entry way coat rack

Handmade Origami Paper Flowers + Craft Wire = A trendy vase filler
Thanks Amanda for saying, "you could do that!" after I was willing to pay a small fortune for this creation spotted on display at Arhaus.

I'll spare you the "how-to" details, as I'm sure you can tell these projects are not quite rocket science. But, I am always more than happy (and quite excited) to share if you ask!

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Amanda said...

Tiff, the coat rack looks SO great! I'm super jealous! Love how your flowers turned out too- I knew you could do it (and save a "small fortune")!