Soliciting Advise

I am writing this post with hopes, make that desperation, that I receive some advise from other moms out there.  Heck, advise from anyone for that matter will be fine.

Of the many things that I have yet to master regarding motherhood, and perhaps one the most seemingly simple yet exceedingly difficult things, is that I still do not have a routine for getting ready in the morning.  Or afternoon.  Or in the ten minutes before Chris walks in the door from work - I will not let him think that I sit around in my pajamas eating bon bons all day - ha.

On an excellent day, I am up, showered, dressed, ready and sipping coffee before Logan even wakes up between 6:30 and 7 am.  I think this has happened once.

On a good day, I am up and showered before Logan wakes up.  I then proceed to spend the next hour running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting her ready and packed up.  I blow dry my hair with her yanking at my legs and wanting to be held.  Applying make up with one hand as she tries to grab the mascara wand out of it.  And getting dressed while throwing every other article of clothing on top of her to keep her distracted and laughing.  These are usually the days that I am in the office, and therefore have no choice about getting ready by 8:00am when we head out the door.

On an average day, the days I work from home typically or on the weekends, I get up when Logan gets up, don't shower, stay in work-out clothes for the greater part of the day, do my make up in spurts whenever I have a chance to sneak off into the bathroom or while Logan is taking her morning nap (thank God for naps).  I end up looking semi-normal on these days, but still would choose not to run into anyone I know.

And on a bad day... a bad day like today...I am somehow still in sleep shorts and v-neck Gap t-shirt.  For all practical purposes, my pajamas.  Sans make up and any sort of respectable hair style.  TLC's 'What not to Wear' was looking for me today, I guarantee it.

So, I must know.  Will it be like this forever?  Just tell me, I need to hear the truth.

And what about that coveted morning nap?  What happens when that goes away?  Or what happens when I have another child who will most definitely be on a different schedule?

Do I have to wake up at 5am every morning if I want to get ready in a somewhat normal fashion?  Do I need to purchase a Flat Screen for Logan's room so she can watch Baby Einstein in the safety of her crib (only kidding, but maybe not if it works, ha)?  Do I need to hire a nanny for an hour each morning?

So pretty please, tell me: What do you do with your kids while you are getting ready and what is your advice on the subject?


Russ and Kara said...

I certainly have my fair share pony tail days (which was much easier when I lived in PA and knew no one), so I will be anxiously reading any other suggestions people give you.

On the days that we have classes and venture out to see people I usually take my shower the night before. This almost always means that I plan on wearing my hair up, but at least it is dried and curled.

I also had a basket of toys that I kept under the sink. I only pulled them out when I needed to keep Tyler busy and safe while I got ready. They started out as some pretty cool toys but gradually changed to an old curling iron, a stick of Russ' deodorant and things like that because Tyler wanted to do what I was doing. When he had his own, he was less interested in stealing mine.

As Tyler got older I was able to put him in the next room with the tv on (he didn't sit and stare at it, but it made me feel like he was less lonely). I put up gates so he couldn't get out and left the bathroom door open so he could come in get me if he needed me.

Now that I have two, I mostly get ready during Nathan's morning nap...I know it's not a helpful tip, but that's reality for us.

The point is, as they get older it does get easier and you get longer stretches of time. For now, I really, really enjoy getting ready slowly on weekends when Russ is home. Good luck!

I just thought of something...I probably could have gotten ready in the time it took me to check all my blogs and respond to yours...the boys have been happily playing the whole time! Haha!

Mazhari Clan said...

If all else fails and I am running late... Cameron showers with me. She is more than happy to sit on the floor of the shower playing with a few toys. I keep a diaper in the bathroom with me so when we get out i can strap it on and let her romp (she does mini laps after the shower... just like a dog) while i complete my drying/moisturizing duties! If i try to put on a movie while i shower she will not so happily start banging on the shower door!

but! I live in a city that basically no one knows my name... so i sport the hair in a pony tail, sleep shorts, and a tank top look more often than not! (... i dont go out in public in that clothing)

I was hoping for some super mom tips! Because I feel like a slacker!!

Hildur said...

Ha! So happy I'm not the only mom that struggles in the morning. Last week, I wore a different pair of yoga pant EVERYDAY. I will say it became much easier as Jimmy got older and started learning how to entertain himself for more than 20 minutes...I think it was around 15 months. I would turn on one of his shows, give him tons of toys, shower like a mad women with the door open, and do my makeup at the kitchen table. Just about the time I had finally found a good morning routine with him, I gave birth to Ruby and totally ruined it, ha! For now, I'm just going to keep rocking the crazy hair and yoga pants...maybe by christmas I'll look like myself again.

I have a girlfriend that wakes up at 4:45 am, showers and dries her hair, and goes back to sleep until her kids get up 7...I can't imagine doing that!