The Back Seat

That's where my blogging has made a home these past few weeks.

I won't go as far as saying, "things have been CrAzY around here!" because they really haven't. Actually, I'm sure that most would report things have been pretty calm and mellow.

Unfortunately for me (and sometimes you), I am not most. I tend to feel occupied and teetering on the edge of "ahhh, too much" at just about every given moment. But I must like it this way, as I've tried harnessing my chi, meditating, reading, prayer, yoga, empowering my chakra energies, and most other "mental relaxation" methods and none seem to stick.

I prefer a good glass of wine, a good workout, a good cry, a good laugh, a good fight and a good bowl of ice cream at the end of the day to keep me balanced. According to the above list, I have had plenty of the first and second, none of the third, several of fourth, one of the fifth and too many of the last....hmm, almost balanced - I may need to rearrange.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here.

Not really sure if anyone even reads this thing anymore (heck, my one avid reader, ahem...my mom, said she hasn't read in over a month - sad!). While, with a: "Hey look at me, I was in Hawaii! " post followed by a lame excuse for a post: "Cinco de Mayo - Um, it's May 5th. I'm a genius" concluded with a barely stringin' you along post: "Catching up - chaulked full of random, I'm throwing you a bone here, pics" I mean really - who could blame you?!

But, if you are reading, I'll let you know that....

I am off now. You know, to being occupied. On this evenings agenda: return lantern at Crate&Barrell, purchase TBD item at Crate&Barrell because I'll only get a store credit, pick up freebie shampoo at Aveda (woohoo), get a cat harness - that's right - a leash. for. our. cat. (stop judging), finish laundry, vacuum the house, dinner in the oven, feast on Broccoli and Cheese Casserole. Hang out with Chris on couch until we both fall asleep too early.

PS - Chris's sister is headed into town Saturday and there are a whole slew of things planned with the fam. From now until the end of May you can get excited for kid's birthdays, runs, bbq's, graduations, camping, cd release parties...oh, just you wait.

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Beth said...

Ah, a cat leash. I'm so judging. :-P

And I'm reading!