so much to write, so little time

Here's my best attempt:

Corning Iowa: It's small. Really small. Main Street has a bank, a gas station and five-aisle supermarket. We fished, watched cattle and stood on train tracks. Our big 4th of July activity was going to be watching the local stock-car races. They got cancelled due to a downpour, thus ruining all hopes of any 4th festivity. PS - They don't sell fireworks in the state of Iowa. grr.

Murle Leonard: Chris's 94 year old grandma. A sweetheart. Can't hear. Still cooks. Drives a HALF of a block to church every Saturday afternoon, no kidding. Proof read at the Free Press local newspaper up until a few months ago. Left us a note upon our late arrival saying "Welcome to Grandma's House. I will make breakfast in the morning." To the point - gotta love it. Don't know if she loves me or doesn't know what Chris got himself into. Either way, we love Murle.

A weekend of Firsts for me: I shot a 12-gauge shotgun, saw a train 2 feet from the tracks (as opposed to the car), figured out that fireflies do exist and are that cool, met about 20 members of Chris's family and think I know all of their names, caught a blue-gill, ate turnips and finally "got" the card game Pitch.

Not so Great Moments: Not seeing one firework on the 4th. Shouting a lovely f-bomb while shooting the shot gun in front of Chris's family - Classy lady. Not seeing one firework on the 4th. Chris getting pulled over on the way home and getting a nice ticket from the Nebraska State Trooper. Many, many hours in the car. Oh, and did I mention, not seeing ONE firework on the 4th?!

In all honesty, we had a great time! Pictures to come.

And if we haven't had enough together time, Chris and I are packing it up and headed to Telluride tonight. Camping, climbing, dining and wedding-ing this weekend! My toes are a nice shade of raspberry and ready to slip into the cute little black numbers below...



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! That does suck about the lack of fireworks on your 4th. Hopefully next year will make up for it! Oh, and I think I probably would have dropped an f-bomb if I shot a shot gun for the first time too. Very nice :)

Brandee said...

Oh my, I love the sound of Grandma. She sounds awesome!!! Also...I don't think I can go back to Nebraska considering i, too, get a speeding ticket every time i go there for our family reunions (Grand Island, Nebraska). Oh the F-bomb in front of the family is the worst. Guilty.