NYC and more

Thank you for all of your sweet comments - we are over the moon about the little munchkin. I am sure that you will have had your fill of pregnancy-isms, baby related news, household changes, physical woes, etc. etc. by the end of these 9 (actually 6 and counting) months, but I do hope that you continue to read.

And for those who have children, please feel free to comment away. While I understand the "your pregnancy / your baby" theory, I for one am certainly not opposed to comments / stories / suggestions that may help make this whole thing a little more relate-able :)

Anyways, moving onward...

As you may remember, Chris and I headed to NYC this past weekend to lose our big city virginity. Yep, it was a big step, but one we felt was appropriate at our 26 + years of age.

We had a great time. We arrived early Friday morning and went non-stop for 48 hours straight.

Thanks to Chris and our library rented guide book, we were able to see just about every major landmark the city has to offer as well as a brief visit to nearly all of the city's 'districts'. My favorites were SoHo (for the shopping), Greenwich Village (for the hip urban appeal) and China Town (for the Ah-ma-zing!! ice cream I consumed at the Ice Cream Factory - see Exhibit A below).

Exhibit A) Almond Cookie in a Sugar Cone

We were also able to take in a tour of the Empire State Building and the NBC studios at Rockefeller Center. We even woke up at 5:00am on Saturday to stand in line for standby Saturday Night Live tickets. See Exhibit B:

Exhibit B) Honestly, I am baffled as to why I look so happy here. I actually had to pee so bad I couldn't stand it and there was nothing open yet, it was -2 degrees, I was tired of standing for over an hour and there was really no shot that we were getting in - we were 146th in line. And we didn't, oh sigh.

Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Bridge were our next stops. Exhibits C, D and E below

Lastly, I ate as if I were Octomom. I kid you not. Pizza, Egg and Bagel Sandwiches, Roasted nuts from street vendors, Pizza, Hot Chocolate, Pizza. Did I mention I am only supposed to gain one pound a week for the next 20 weeks? I may or may not have exceeded my limit for the entire week in just 48 hours. C'est La Vie.

As for bump pictures, I hope I don't disappoint. I for one, pretty much stalk blogs for bump pictures when I find out someone is expecting. Call me crazy, but I just can't help it.

I am here to report that at 13 weeks, I have no bump.

I have gained 5 pounds thus far (I am so not counting New York weight here. I mean, that's just unfair) and have started the rubber band trick on two pairs of my jeans and a pair of work pants. Which by the way, why has the rubber band trick never been shared before to non-pregnant folks? It would have been genius for the college, "I had too much beer last night" days. My shirts and blouses are starting to feel a bit (make that very) tight as well, so I am officially in the "awkward" stage. Too big for my normal clothes and too small for maternity. It's lovely.

Ah, and my favorite question thus far from Chris, "So, when do you return back to normal?"

Hmm, I worry for this man. If at 13 weeks I am already "not normal" I am afraid for his blessed soul to see me at 38. I know that he genuinely meant it as a valid male-brained question, but I had to laugh...Which by the way, I told him 2 years just to give myself some padding, hah!

Happy Thursday all!


Beth said...

Oh, it looks like you two had a blast! I'm totally jealous. (Well I'd just like to be able to eat ice cream at all, let alone in NYC!)

Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

I can't wait to catch up with you when I'm back... and hear all about SoHo and Greenwich Village- which I'm sure that I will love equally. Looking forward to hearing about the shopping!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're trip went so well! I LOVE your white hate you sported in NYC. So cute!! Can I ask where you scored it? I too am a sucker for the baby bump pictures. So happy for you guys! :)

Tiffany and Chris said...

Hey Melanie! The hat is from a "street vendor" in New York. We were a bit unprepared for the FREEZING weather, so we had to make a few purchases. $10 for that cute thing - a steal I think!

Brandee said...

You inspire me to love life, Tiffany. :) Still so happy for you guys. P.S. I have a serious love/hate relationship with NY after many trips and living there for a summer. I just really like grass and trees, I guess...

Tiffany and Chris said...

Miss Brandee, just for the record I don't always love life. I would be telling a lie if I didn't say that blog posts are usually done on my better days ;) But THANKS!

Also, could not agree more about NY. Loved it, but was glad to leave it. I will be back, but I don't think I could ever live there. Mostly because those dang buildings block any sort of sun!! What the heck?

Laura Lieff said...

Hey Tiff! Looks like you both had a great time in NYC! I loved looking at the photos. By the way, you're going to have to teach me how to add layouts and photos to my blog so it can look as cool as yours!

Us! said...

I just can't wait until we get there on Wednesday!!! Will it be weird if I snag a belly-rub even if you are still sans bump? Maybe my uber-bump will inspire yours to poke out a bit in the week that we are there...

Did I already mention that I can't wait to get there??

Russ and Kara said...

What a fun trip!! You are looking amazing and I can't wait to see how your adventure goes. Take care of yourself and keep eating all the ice cream you want :)