I am all about great customer service.  Not just when people do their job, but when they go the extra step to leave you feeling important, recognized and excited to give them your business.  Good customer service may be easily identified in a store, but when you are navigating online, one is left feeling like a credit card number and expiration date rather than an actual person most of the time - which I suppose is kind of expected with online shopping.

Let me take the time to point out three companies that I have dealt with in the past month that have offered EXCELLENT customer service in my opinion.  I am talking e-mail responses within an hour - even late at night, call backs on specific questions, follow up phone calls and even FREE home delivery in one case.

www.Nourishfamilycenter.com : While this is a local company with an actual storefront, I strictly dealt with them on-line and over the phone after Logan was born.  Jenny is absolutely amazing and helped us with a hospital grade breastpump rental (ahem, tmi?) the day we left the hospital.  She even delivered it and picked up from our home free of charge because she knew we were still getting settled.  If anyone is in the market for such an item (hey, who knows) I encourage you to call them!

www.Framethedate.com : A fun choice for a wedding gift, baby gift or even a little something for yourself.  Got a date that means something to you?  Frame it!  Kim returned my phone call the same day after my FedEx tracking number was showing the wrong information.  She not only apologized but researched what the problem was, tracked down my order and ensured that it would make it to my home in time for my friends wedding free of charge.  And it did - gotta love that!

www.Thepapercafe.net : Paper Cafe went above and beyond in working with one crazed new mama when it came to picking out birth announcements.  Mollie let me view two proofs to see which I liked best,  make a million order changes, immediately caught when I didn't attach photos to my e-mails for her to work with,  offered me a discount that had expired the previous day AND gave us several sweet compliments on our recent addition.  Who doesn't appreciate a little baby love?!  I verified that our e-mail chain was well over 20 messages long.  In the end, I am extremely pleased with the announcements but even more so with the service.  Thank you!

Check them out!

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leslie said...

Your baby announcement (and baby) couldn't be cuter! Congrats again! Looks like motherhood suits you well:)