Who needs Photoshop?

Okay, I do.  Badly.  Santa was nice enough to grant a few of my other wishes this year so this will just have to wait for another special occasion.

In the meantime, our basic editing tools on our Apple will have to suffice.  And suffice they do.  I took a few shots of my (adorable) nieces and nephews several weekends ago upon request and then "edited" a few of the photos with basic brightness and contrasting, cropping, softening and good ol' black and white tools.

Here are just a few of the ones I was able to alter with my zero to zilch editing skills:
After: Contrasted (notice the deeper colors?)

After: Cropped and B&W
After 2: Cropped and Contrasted
After: Contrasted and B&W

 After: Contrasted (come on, you can't see that the left shoe is a bit more pink and the right jean slightly lighter?!)

So fear not, even without Photoshop you can still manage to do a bit of editing with your pictures with your computer's built in software.  Try it out!

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Carolyn said...

I love that pic in front of the red building, Good job. Oh and I desperately want photoshop as well