Have'a Chips

In lieu of writing about how crazy busy I have been or how I have started to work in the office 3-days a week and am carting Logan to three different places each of those days (which I truly do appreciate Mom, Jane and Erin), or how we are still waking up twice a night or how Logan may have a hefty case of 'cannotbeleftalonefor5secondssomomcangetSOMETHINGdone' or how I have to make 2 desserts in 24 hours and one has to set for 12 of them (poor poor recipe planning)...you get the idea...I thought instead I would ask:

Have ya ever had a Have'a Chip?  No, you haven't had a Have'a Chip?  Well, then you must have'a some (overboard?)!  Anyways, they just may be your new addiction.  At $1.99, they're a steal for Whole Foods (otherwise known as Whole Paycheck).  Search for them on the bottom shelf of the chip aisle.  I accept thank yous in the form of babysitting services, laundry folding or magic elves who make bread pudding for dessert.

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