One Mom's Imagination

My friend forwarded this email to me this morning and I could not help but share (thanks Kim!):

This little girl’s mother is a computer specialist from Helsinki , Finland . While her daughter is soundly asleep, she creates a completely different world … from whatever she can find around her! That’s how both of them became really famous. What a truly fabulous imagination!  And what truly darling pics.  

While I love me some creativity, appreciate art projects and agree that these are pretty sweet, I am also a bit perplexed.  For example, how many  textiles / comforters / swaddle blankets aka "backdrops" can one woman own?  Did her baby happen to be Harry Potter for Halloween?  How long did it take for her to create that Octopus? Is that the style shoe in Finland right now?  Does this child not have a crib?  And perhaps most importantly, how do I get one that sleeps through all that?



Kate said...

Also... Seems like a Massive Time Suck to me :) I do not have a wee one at the moment, but I've heard they're demanding little suckers... if I had one that slept like that, I'D be sleeping like that! Or bathing. Or whatnot.

I do enjoy me some Mary Poppins though.

Mazhari Clan said...

My child sleeps a lot! and I do not find time to do such things! My free time is spend taking showers or cleaning (as PP said)!

The shoes! Oh my! lol

Very cool.

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

So cute. So much time! Love the Mary Poppins and the Bookworm- so cute!