Okay, so I couldn't take it any longer.  Everyday, I wish to post about something funny or something cute or something witty and then everyday...nothing.  So, as I was about to log off for the night, I decided that I had to post about something.  Anything!

And the truth of the matter is, I'm tired.

I am going to throw myself a little pitty party right here and now just to get it over with.  Because I can I suppose.

A pitty party certainly doesn't seem appropriate when I have a job, a loving helpful husband, a beautiful, energetic daughter, friends and family.

But, let's be real.

That job makes me tired.  Or perhaps it's the coordinating each day for that job, or dropping Logan off at her respective places before that job each day, or logging on each night after the others go to bed so that I can catch up on emails and deadlines and commitments for that job that's tiresome.  All while juggling being a mom.  My other job.  The job that really makes my eyes squint.  The most important one.  The one that I will tend to by ways of an 11:00pm feeding after this and the one that I will wake up to 4-5 times per night as of late.

Yes, I know that people do it everyday (better than me, and without a complaint).  And, yes, I know that single parents do not get a break (honestly, I have such respect).  And I know all too well that some would be so grateful to be in my position (with a job, or with a child - or both for that matter).  But sometimes knowing all of these things still does not make it any easier.

And, that loving helpful husband?  Sometimes we fight.  Like a lot.  And loud.  About stupid things and not so stupid things.  And I get frustrated.  And I realize for the millionth time that marriage is hard work.  Worth it?!  Of course, but HARD nonetheless.  And it too, makes me tired.

Oh and that beautiful energetic daughter?  Often times she displays her, shall we say, 'passion for life', with tears.  And head turns when you try to feed her.  And frustration at the fact that she can't move past a 1 foot radius on her own.  And it makes me tired.

We all just got over a weekend of being of sick, so today was not greeted with the usual 'Refresh' that Monday's normally have each week.  My email is backed up, my Facebook 'notifications' are haunting me and I have still yet to reply to a long lost friend.  Argh.

So there you have it.  I'm just tired.  Physically and emotionally.

Here's to knowing that tomorrow is a new day!


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Leighdleblog said...

Oh, Tiff. I don't know of ANYONE who has done it all without a complaint! It is hard. And tiring. Not getting a full night's sleep for months on end = continuous state of exhaustion. Everything is worse when you are tired. And when your kid won't eat. But at the end of the day, yes--it is worth it. And it just gets more and more fun and less and less tiring. Hang in there!