The little stuff

Do you ever feel as though there are a million little things you want to do and you just can't find the time to do them?  For example, I drive by this boutique every day after work that I have been wanting to stop in for months - just to check out.  Or the fact that I have been out of concealer for weeks and have not been able to get to the mall to get a new one.  Or how I have been wanting to stroll the open houses in our neighborhood just for kicks.  Or how I need to order that 8x10 print for the empty picture frame.  Or how I want to redo our open cabinets in our entry way. Or how I have this recipe for doughnuts that have calling my name for some time now....

Well today I am dedicating time for this little stuff.  I know I won't get to all of it, or even most of it, but knowing that I am going to tackle some of it makes me excited!

Our day may or may not look like this:

- Trip to Target for groceries
- Pick up Dry cleaning
- Splurge on Anthropologie candle
- Return dress
- Pick up concealer
- Plant Flowers
- Browse Open Houses
- Make doughnuts or other delightful baked good
- Redeem Living Social Deal on some good denim
- Start felt wreath even though felt = fall/winter
- Look up address plates on Etsy
- Purchase baby gift for friend
- Order pictures from Shutterfly

...yikes, I better get going!


Leighdleblog said...

So what did you get done, Tiffany? I need a follow-up :)

Anonymous said...

I want to make a felt wreath too!! I want ot make a felt rosebud wreath I found a DIY tutorial for. What does the one you are making look like? Email me the details! :)

Tiffany said...

Mel, I think I am using the same one as you did...from Design Sponge?! Love it!

Tiffany said...

Er Mel, I thought you made one, no? Sorry. I will email you the details!