One more reason to love Denver...

We are getting our own County Fair.  How fun is that?  Since Chris shared the link with me last week, I have been enthralled with this little piece of entertainment that will hit our streets late July.  

I am not sure what it is, but the word "Fair" just conjures up all sorts of warm summer-y feelings, doesn't it?  And with a heaping dose of special additions, this one seems right up my ally.  Can you say "Craft Pavilion", "Fashion Pavilion", "Buy Local Pavilion" and "Garden Pavilion"?  Not to mention a Skateboard Rodeo, Foodie Exhibits and Carnival Rides.  I may or may not be kind of excited about the whole thing.

Check it out!


Kate said...

I looooove the Fair! There's not many "Dallas" things about which I can really, sincerely GUSH, but having the biggest state fair in the country is pretty excellent... and every year in college, we'd buy a week pass to the county fair!

Also, I think you need to procure one of those posters for your home - it would be so cute framed!!

Russ and Kara said...

SOOO glad you shared this exciting news! Maybe we'll see you there!