All in (two) days work

My co-worker and I spent the last two days in the Golden State for a an event for Google (!).  Luckily it wasn't all work and no play and we managed to have some fun while we were there.

I wish that I was able to share more of Google with you, but do to security, pictures are not allowed to be taken on their "campus" - the one below was at an off site location for the record :).  But for a mental picture, imagine College meets Whoville where "Googler's" ride around on yellow, red, blue and green bikes, slide down to their work spaces, grab a bite to eat any time of day from the many cafes while eating under yellow, red, blue and green picnic table umbrellas soaking in the California rays with their canine companions at their sides.  Working diligently on the next big thing, collaborating with other Googler's.  If they need a break from their hard work, bowling alleys, dance-plexe's, fitness classes, tennis courts and massage chairs are just a few feet away at any given moment.  It's quite the culture, let me tell you.

For fun, we decided to check out another "empire" on our way to the airport.  Facebook.  Have you heard of it?  Again, due to security, their "public space" is about the size of our dining room table and you can only peek in to the Facebooker's through the glass door.  While inside the glass walls, the place looks much more enticing, the outside is very non-descript.  No glowing 'F', no Blue and White mod building,.no Mark Zukerburg walking around, just an office complex of sorts.  See:

We ended our two day stint here (yum):

And last night, I was ready to come home to see this little one:

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

So jealous you got to see the HQ! The Boulder office is pretty darn cool itself so I cannot even imagine how amazing HQ was! See you soon...