Tracking Chris

For friends and family who might like to see Chris's progress on his ride, I have included the links below where you can view his progress on the trail.  He has a spot tracker system in which I can look at him at any point during the race.  He can also send me text message updates as well by the push of a button.  It's pretty cool.

Chris is plugging away and as you can see if you click on the first link below (he is the CK pinpoint), he is nearing Buena Vista this morning and is not quite half of the way to Durango.  I spoke with him last night and he acknowledged that it was hard work.  In fact I believe his exact words were, "I'm not going to lie.  It's bleeping hard."  So, yea.  You get the idea.

Wishing him luck!  We miss him.

Colorado Trail Race

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BNDTUBE22 said...

Solid man, and very inspiring.