Sometimes I think the word 'blessed' is overused or said in the wrong context, but I really can't think of a better way to describe how I have been feeling these days.

Do you ever have times in your life when you are taken back by just how good things are going?  How lucky you are?  For the past few weeks there have been so many things that have made me stop and smile.

Things like:
- Family coming into town and being able to see cousins play together
- Logan taking her first steps and learning how to walk all by herself
- A promotion at work for Chris
- The decision and opportunity to stay at home full time in January and work contract (more on this later)
- An income and budget that allows for that simple act above even if the "extras" will not be there
- A business plan coming to fruition
- A sister in law who makes my life so much easier when I go to work and gives me peace of mind
- A friend who so graciously donated her daughter's old (but adorable and in perfect condition) clothes to Logan
- Friends at work who make coming to the office a blast
- Work in general.  I truly love this job.
- A fantastic birthday in which I got to shop at some of my favorite stores sans guilt (Anthro and Hot Mama anyone?)
- A friend who made Canvas and Cocktails extra special last Sunday evening
- My mental health state which has been so much steadier these days (bet you didn't know I am on anti-depressants - again more to share on this)
- A husband.  A loving, caring, helpful, respectful, funny and pretty darn cute husband - who loves me all the time.
- Finding a church that we enjoy and look forward to going to every week.  A church that is making a difference in the way I look at life.
- Three weddings to look forward to.  Durango, Estes and Miami!
- The ability to stay at the Ritz Carlton with my mom for a girls' spa weekend.
- Aveda having a 25% off sale while I have a double points coupon....

....and this would probably be the point when 'blessed' may be going overboard, heheh.

Life is good.

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leslie said...

So happy for you and the stay-at-home gig! Couldn't love it more and I feel that because you have worked the past year, you'll be all the more grateful when you make the transistion. Congrats!