Does this make you smile?

Yea, me too.  

Imagine my delight when these very items were set before me the other night when my new friend (yay for new friends!) came over.

I work with Suzanne and come to find out, she has an obsession with stationary and design and markets and decor (and wine, ahem) as well.  (Side note: Suzanne, I know you are freaking out about that wine on top of your Letterpress book, but I assure you all is well and I didn't let the glass 'sweat' - ha!)

And believe me, this girl means business.  It was like Christmas for big kids when she came over with her bins FULL of letterpress, gift tags, stickers, cards and envelopes.  Chris saw a glimmer like he has never seen before in my eyes...and he ran, hah.

She also introduced me to some new sources - Carrot and Stick PressSnow and Graham, and Paper Source, oh my!  And she didn't even make me feel bad for pretending to be a know it all (Kate, I immediately sent her to PPT ) when it came to this sort of stuff, even though she clearly knows WAY more!  +1 for Suzanne.

Turns out that Letterpress + Decor Books + Wine + Stationary Bins = A perfect evening


Dana said...

OMG!! PAPER SOURCE!! I am obsessed! Love them, make my in-laws take me there any time I visit Chicago! They better come to Denver :)

Suzanne Rivers said...

This definitely made me smile! Love it!! :)

Amanda said...

LOVE! I want in on these girls nights ladies- I need some more friend evenings in my life. Sounds amazing :)