Fun Stuff Friday

New Mail Holder from Sweet Williams Farmers Market

Just Because flowers from Chris

My "I deserve a treat" treat.  Notebook and Desk Calendar by Green Room for Target.  $1.40 each - score!

Letterpress.  Enough said.
A photo with cousins from our first family photo shoot.
We have been super busy around these parts.  Chris's family is town, we had family pictures yesterday, Dave's retirement party today, and a busy busy 1-year old who is crusin' like there's no tomorrow.

Also, a special Birthday shout-out to my sweet nephew Cutter!  LOVE LOVE LOVE you Cutter.

Have a great weekend!

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Amanda said...

LOVE your new mail holder and I bought the same calendar! Luckily I did not buy it for you for your birthday, I thought about it though :) I can't wait to see more of the pics from the photo shoot- the ones on FB are awesome! Hope you guys have a great long weekend. See you next weekend.