Game On?

I am thinking more like 'Game Off' based on these baby shower game ideas.  Seriously...

Pregnant Twister?
Make Mommy's Baby?
Bobbing for Nipples?
Delectable Dirty Diapers?
Balloon Baby Bellies?
Spit the Binky?
My favorite...Pin the Sperm on the Egg.  I mean, really?

And what in God's name do you think this game is?  Oh dear.

Hence the reason I tend to be more of a craft / photo / share type of person when it comes to shower activities.  I don't have any good game ideas and CLEARLY am not getting any from my Google searches, haha.

Have you played any fun (and low cheese factor) baby shower games?  What are your favorites?!


Kate said...

I am not a big fan of shower games. The only one I've ever liked is the "how much do you know about the couple" quiz game at a bridal shower -- especially if the hostess puts some funny questions in there.

There's that clothespin game where you can steal someone's clothespin when they say one of the "hot button words" like "baby" or "birth" or what not... but then there's always the Clothespin Gunner who stalks your conversations and scares the shit out of you by screaming GOTCHA! and lunging at the hem of your skirt to claim her wee wooden prize.

I say stick with the photos and adorable decor :)

Ryan & Ashley said...

I'm a chat/ eat / ooh, ahh over the decor type of gal too!

There is a game I like, where using only the letters in the couple's name (ie Ashley & Ryan Camp) to come up with as many baby girls or boys names. Person with the most names/most creative/ longest name wins a prize.

Jessica said...

The only baby shower game I've even enjoyed was when the hostess had a dozen or so gift bags filled with tissue paper so you couldn't see in and one baby item inside. You had to put your hand in the bag and just by touch try and guess the item. The items ranged from easy (pacifier) to difficult (a container of something, you had to guess whether it was shampoo, or lotion, etc.). Most correct guesses wins! The best part was that the game was set up off to the side, and you just went over when you wanted to to play, very relaxed and non-threatening. I'm also a craft/activity person, which is why I developed sophisticated (i.e. non-puff paint and glitter) ones decorating kits.

Tiffany said...

Thanks all!