On our evening walk (and Lo's evening wagon ride), we pass by one of our neighbor's houses who is quite eccentric...and always out on her patio.

She is very sweet but boy, can she talk your ear off.  Chris and I make a game time decision every night whether to stop and chat or to cut through the alley to avoid potentially loooong conversations depending on the mood we are in.

On this particular night, however, we decided that some of her stories and tours of her house and descriptions of her art and naming her multiple cats may not be the worst thing ;)  

Midway through the conversation, she ended up inviting us to pick fruits and veggies from her "garden" in the back.  Well, her garden may as well be called the Bellaire Farms seeing as how big it is!  We (meaning Chris because Logan and I were mostly just eating her delicious raspberries) picked a SMALL sampling of what she had to offer....

That huge yellow one is a zucchini - wow!  Overwhelmed by the amount of squashes and such sitting on my kitchen counter, I got to work and made bread.  CLICK HERE for a variation of the recipe I used.  Yum!  

We also have several Egg Plants, which I am not a huge fan of.  Anyone have some worthy recipes?  Please share!
The tomato varieties have been pretty amazing.  Neighbor (I can't give up the name of our organic food source, ha) explained how the tomatoes you pick from the garden are sweeter than anything you can get at the store (and noticeably SO much so) because they are picked when they are still  green, pumped with gas and then artificially ripened and shipped to the stores so that they keep longer on the shelves (same with Bananas if you can believe).  While I tend not to be a 100% organic shopper, I will definitely think twice about what I am picking off the shelves.

Twas' a fun and educational field trip to say the least!

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