Just a phase?

Logan's favorite pastime recently has been emptying the contents of anything she can get her hands on.  Case(s) in point:

In other LMK news, she has learned several new words in the past couple of weeks.  In no particular order:

Duck aka "Cuck"
Milk aka "Duck" - ironic isn't it?!
Elmo aka "Elmo" - really important one
Thank You aka "Da Doo"
Shoe aka "Shooo Shooo Shooo" - almost always said in 3's

She is also very keen on dancing and possibly very aware of her skills, as I cannot catch her on video for the life of me.  Pretty sure she doesn't want to give up her moves which include a very right-on head bob, some knee bending and a side to side swinging motion that even Beyonce would be jealous of.  

At 16 months, she is a bundle of energy and just so much fun.  I have been really loving this age and am thinking that it's my favorite so far.  Minus the temper tantrums that is. 


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