Wild Things

Hope you enjoyed your share of Turkey this weekend - I know we did!

I'm not sure about you, but Thanksgiving seems like forever ago to me and we have packed in several other events since Thursday.  So instead of recapping all of the details, I thought I would just skip to chase and share about our day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo today.

I've been to several zoo's, but let me tell you: this one tops em' all.  It's a zoo nestled into the Rocky Mountains where the "wild" life is a part of the overall landscape.  You can really get up close and personal with the animals and for whatever reason (probably the ones I just listed above), the animals are always so much more active than at your "regular zoo".  It's a bit of a drive and a bit more expensive, but totally worth it.  I was so happy to share it with Chris and Logan!!

We fed the Giraffes:

We looked at the Fishy's:

We saw the Grizzlies go fishing:

We got up close with a Mountain Lion:

We looked at the Bunny Rabbits:

And we watched our own little animal run around:

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Beth said...

I love that zoo! It is the best. Love the pics!