Early Morning Musings

Well, I am happy to report that Logan is napping again.  Sigh of relief.  She is now, however, waking up around 6:00 compared to her usual 7:00.  Hmm, beggars can't be choosy I suppose.

Elmo has become a favorite around here and Logan's first words of the morning are almost always "IwannawashElma" aka "I would like to watch Elmo please, Mama"  ha - okay, not quite!  So that's what we're doing.  For the millionth time this week.  It's not half bad.  That Elmo is pretty funny.

Our weekend will be a low key one but busy nonetheless.  I have a photo shoot this morning for UnCommon Reel followed by our "Girls Annual" - a White Elephant exchange party with my girlfriends.  Last year, I got the 'Akward Family Photos' Book.  Has anyone else seen this?  Oh my word.  See examples below for your morning laughs.


Tomorrow, we will head to church and then our nephew's birthday party.

And just for fun, I wanted to share two awesome appetizer "recipes" that are hardly such as they both contain two ingredients.  Talk about easy!!!

BBQ Meatballs:  Pre-made meatballs (I prefer Turkey) and a jar or bottle of BBQ sauce.  Simmer on low until hot.  Serve with toothpicks!

Bacon Wrapped Dates: Wrap dates in a thin strip of bacon and secure with a toothpick.  Bake at 400 until bacon is crispy.  Holy yum.  Serve with dipping sauce of your choice if you're so inclined.  I will serve mine with a Cranberry-Lemon Aioli.

Happy Weekend!

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