Sleepless in Denver

It's 4:37pm and the second day in a row that Logan has refused to nap.  At all.  I am officially losing the battle.

She is sitting squirming on my lap as I type this, swatting her hands at the keyboard with every click.

She is fighting it bad today.  She literally melts into a puddle whenever I set her down.  If she would only sleep in that puddle, even on the kitchen floor, I wouldn't mind so much.

The second we so much as inch towards the stairs the cries and wiggling start and when we arrive at the crib?  Forget about it.  Legs in the air, screaming, kicking and jumping trying to hurl herself from her crib.

It's transparent that she needs a nap and I know she is going to crash in about an hour in which she will sleep until morning....tacking on one more night of this horrible no-nap habit.

As far as I am concerned I have tried it all.  Crying it out.  "Co-napping".  Quiet time.  Books in the bed.  Singing.  Pleading.   Begging.  Bribing.   ,

I want to know where this came from, why it started and how do I win the battle?

Signed Sleepless (and going insane) in Denver...

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laurenkickass said...

Have you tried setting a naptime routine and schedule? I found with Thomas, that once he was getting fussy or showing signs of being tired, it was almost too late to put him down and he fought more. Once I started putting him down and feeding him at the same times everyday, it got a lot better. Also, try a nap routine like a bed routine. Thomas still nurses so I have him eat lunch, brush teeth, read two books, nurse and then pick a stuffed animal for the crib. He still fusses for about 5 mins,but then he goes to sleep. If all else fails, get her in the car and go for a ride!