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I am not usually faithful to one particular brand of anything.  The exception, ahem, being my hair products...

From time to time, I have people ask what I use in my hair.  And I am sure my answer is usually much more long winded then what they are looking for. "A dollop of this, a handful of that, finish with this, etc." When in reality "Aveda products" would do the trick!  Love em' and have been using them since high school.

I don't use all of these on a daily basis, but rather a combination depending on what look I am going for.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorites listed with what task they accomplish (keep in mind I have extremely straight, medium-thick hair).

Color Conserve Shampoo - Obvious; preserves my color.  My fabuloso hair stylist, Sonia, insists this is a must.

Brilliant Conditioner - Adds lots of moisture and shine and smells heavenly.  Doesn't weigh down my hair.

Damage Remedy Conditioner - I use this about once a week.  Restores and repairs my hair from all the heat styling.

Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother - I use this when I want my hair straight and sleek.  Helps with fly aways and adds a protective layer against the flat iron.

Phomolliant -  A light weight mousse for when I want a small amount of "body" but nothing too heavy (I use a good handful of this and apply mostly at the roots while shooting the remainder all over my wet hair).

Confixor - I use a quarter size of this gel almost daily on the lower half of my head.  It adds light hold if I am going to be putting in any sort of curl.

Volumizing Tonic - Again, part of my daily routine.  Sprayed directly at the roots.  Great volume for any curl and/or round brush styles.  NOT a great product if you want smooth, straight hair, however.

Brilliant Styling Cream - The best investment ever!!  I have had the same package for over a year as you only need to use a pea size each time.  I focus a bit on my ends before blow drying to help keep them smooth.

Light Elements Smoothing Fluid - Good for the summer when you want to air dry your hair or when you need just a small amount of shine.  Apply to damp hair.

Brilliant Smoothing Serum - One of my first and favorite products by Aveda.  Mostly because of the smell.  This is the perfect finishing serum that I apply after blow drying to flyways and a quick finger run through my hair.   Did I mention the scent?  Heavenly.

I also have plenty of samples.  I am not shy.  I always ask for them when I purchase products and I always am able to get two or three!  In addition, Aveda gives generous rewards points.  I am halfway to a trip to Jamaica (after several years of spending mind you!)

Bored yet?  Good.

While we are on the subject of hair, I thought I would share my new FAVORITE hair tutorial site.  Thank you to my good friend Amanda for showing me Thesmallthingsblog.com.  Kate does an amazing job at giving easy to follow instructions for trendy, glamourous and simple hairstyles.  I even copied her haircut the last time I got my hair done!

Following her 'how to use hot rollers' video, I tried this one out the other day.  I liked the way it turned out.  The biggest tip from Kate?  Keep several of your sections out of the rollers and flat iron them under as not to create too much curl.  I always have trouble with that.  The whole process from start to finish took about 20 minutes.  Take a peek:

After Blow Drying


Your turn to go try something!  And while you are at it, here is a coupon for a FREE Aveda Damage Remedy Sample pack.  Enjoy!

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Suzanne Rivers said...

I would like to borrow a small dab of this: Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. Please bring to work. :)