Home Styled

When it comes to style, I am much better at dressing my home than dressing myself.

One of my favorite hobbies is decorating our house - moving things from one room to another, filing an empty nook or cranny, crafting a project for a bedroom or purchasing the perfect addition for our humble abode.

I am eclectic in my style and would say that our home is 'Rustic' meets 'Contemporary' meets 'Vintage' meets 'Modern' with a hint of 'Traditional' because it never hurts.  And I admit, I love it.  It's our favorite place to be.

While I am no expert and have learned my fair share from others, I do have a few of my own tips for creating your perfect space!

DO cluster, cluster, cluster.  Preferably in odd numbers.  Take items that are similar or have a common theme and fill in shelves, cabinet space or mantel space.

DO break it up.  See how the lower middle basket does not match the ones above?  Not a coincidence :)

DON'T be too matchy matchy.  Try to mix textures and patterns.  An easy way to do this is with pillows.

DO mix up your furniture.  While we could have gotten an armchair to match the couch, a solid color leather chair helps to neutralize and adds a sense of masculinity against the floral print.

DO layer.  The throw over the arm chair adds dimension to the room.  Although it doesn't really "match" the other pillows, it still "goes".

DON'T be afraid to get creative.  See ceramic pot turned remote holder?  Be on the lookout for items like this that can serve multiple purposes.

DO alternate.   If one thing is right, place the other left.  See how the pictures are placed?  The strategy is to please the eye.  If the pictures were stacked one right above the other, it would look too "planned" and your eyes would be bored.  

DO copy!  This cheap centerpiece idea is taken straight from Anthropologie.  Always be on the lookout for how to display things.  In stores, in magazines, in your friends home...

DO buy what you love and figure out how to display it later.  This is the best piece of advice I have ever received (from my talented and lovely sister).  It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit your color palette, "style" or other furniture.  You will find a use and a place for it if you love it!

DON'T be shy.  Show off your favorite items, whatever they may be.  Just be sure to do it in an organized, structured way.

DO find ways to theme a room.  But DON'T go overboard.

DO be purposeful in tying together colors.

DON'T forget to add small touches to spaces like the bathroom.  It's a place to be creative without having to be too committal.

DO give things a home. In order to stay organized, you should always know where anything floating around your house "belongs" at the end of the day.

Have fun with it!  Once you get going, it's hard to stop :)


Kendall said...

Love this post! Great advice and your home is adorable.

Dana said...

can you come decorate my home please?!? You are so talented Tiff I love it! The house looks great- I am in love with the knobs on your medicine cabinet! And a bird theme room- can't go wrong!!

Stacey said...

You do the decoorating thing well! It helps that you have such a great canvas with your charming house - adorable!