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During Logan's 2 1/2 hour nap today (I know...I am blessed), I worked on a project for my adorable nieces' "big girl" bedroom complete with bunk beds.  Speaking of which, I always wanted bunk beds, didn't you?

My sister in law had purchased a few adhesive patterns a while back and had yet to use them; we decided that canvas art was the way to go!

So this afternoon, I put down a disposable cover for the table (I'm a mess), put on my smock a.k.a. apron, and jammed to a little "Brett Dennen Radio" on Pandora.

Here is an unofficial tutorial for creating such gems:

Step One: Gather supplies

Canvas', Brushes and Paint from Hobby Lobby.  'Add Heres' from TJ Maxx.

This paint turned out to be .67 cents a bottle after their 30% discount.  Also worth noting: You only need one bottle for two medium canvas' - I bought four, oops.

Step Two: Lay out your design on blank canvas'

Step Three: Attempt to take a cute-sy "Look, I'm an arteeest" photo for your blog before you begin.  Um, fail.

Step Four: Paint!  I can assure you that after the first nervous stroke, it's fun.

Step Five: Let. dry (very hard for impatient peeps like me).  Gently lift adhesive backings off.  Display and admire your your nieces' new artwork!

All images taken by the Retro Camera App (Little Orange Box) for Android.


Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Those turned out so cute Tiff!

Kara said...

Very Cute!! And I agree about the bunk beds!