Do you love it or hate it?

I love it thanks to the best time-saving and stress reducing tip I learned from my mom.  Prep, prep, prep.  The idea have just about everything done before your guests arrive so that you can hang out with them rather than being stuck cooking, chopping, setting, etc.  During Logan's nap on Friday, I got to work for our friends who were coming over at 6:30.

I cooked what I could (Corn Salsa):

I set the table and brought out our colored glasses and bright napkins for a Mexican Fiesta.  This leads me to another one of my favorite entertaining tips.  Theme your get togethers.  When I decided on the main course, Barbacoa Beef in this case, it was easy to plan the apps (Chips and Guac), sides (Cilantro Lime Rice) and drinks (Margaritas).  It also helps answer the question, "What can I bring?" if anyone asks.

I took things out of their packages and put them into serving dishes, chopped and prepared condiments so they were ready to put on the table.

I pre-poured water and added a twist for something different.

And, I kept things simple.  No need to kill yourself making some extravagant meal.  Notice the boxed rice (which happened to be everyone's favorite part of the meal, go figure) and crock pot beef?  Badabing, badaboom.

Lastly, if you don't have time to do anything else, below are the easiest ways (in my very non-professional opinion) to fake it make your home ready to entertain:

- Vaccum where your guests will be.
- Make the beds if your guests will see them.
- Clean the toilet that your guests will use.
- Pick up items off the floor and couch and stash away for the time being.
- Clear dirty pots, pans and dishes from counter space and put in the dishwasher or sink.
- Light a candle or two (avoiding any food scented candles near the dinner table).
- Turn off the tv and turn on background music.

Oh, and invite your favorite 19 month old to help entertain the crowd:


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Amanda said...

Trying this recipe very soon, looks delish!