Looking Forward

I've heard and believe that you should always have something to look forward to.

A date night, a vacation, a good dinner, a goal, a pedicure - anything that keeps you excited!  I think it's important and helps the ho-hum times seem not as bad.

Lucky for me, I have a lot to look forward to this Spring!

This weekend we are headed to Crested Butte (yes, home to Heidi Montage for fellow tabloid readers) to visit one of my bestie's, Steph.

Side note:  We were voted in high school as 'Most Likely to Stay Friends' and friends we have stayed.  Although we live completely opposite lives ('Stay at Home Mom' vs. 'Sexy Single Snowboard Instructor' anyone?), it's great to know that someone is out there who loves and gets me to the core.

In early March, we are lucky enough to stay with good friends in Telluride:

Mid-March, I am heading to Park City for work and staying at the beautiful Zermatt (looking forward to seeing you, Kara K.):

In April, I am celebrating a good friend's bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale at the Hotel Valley Ho:

We are visiting Chris' sister, Leigh, and her family in June in Virginia and fingers crossed my sister and her family in North Carolina during the same trip.

This Spring and Summer, I will be embarking on (and working at) a few fun markets with SR (stay tuned for more exciting details).  First up?  Sugar Plum Bazzaar.

And still in the works?  A possible visit to see a childhood (and favorite) friend, Colleen and her sweet family in my favorite city, Austin (determined at age 15 during my once and only visit.  Still, it's my favorite, okay?).

What are you looking forward to?

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Anderson's said...

Lucky girl! Telluride and Park City at two of our favorite places. We live about 10 min from Park City so we spend a lot of time up there. The Zermatt is beautiful!! Josh loves Telluride. I use to work up there :) You will definitely have a great time :)