Things I Dread

I hate to be a downer, but really, there are some things I just dread.  And while I was putting away the dishes this morning I couldn't help but make a mental list of all of them.  Fun, I know.  In no particular order:

- Putting away the dishes, surprise!  Specifically the tuperware that spills out of the cabinet every time I open it.
- Finding that we are out of coffee
- Worse, finding that there's a fresh pot of coffee made but no creamer.
- Drying my hair.
- Cleaning the tub.
- Getting Logan out and myself out the door in the morning on a deadline.  Especially when she wants to walk.
- The moment where I have to step out of bed.
- 3:30ish - 5:30ish in the afternoon.  The time where Logan is the crankiest, I am the most tired, we have run out of things to do and Chris is not yet home.  The witching hour as I like to call it.
- Emails lingering in my inbox that I don't have the answer to, don't know how to respond to or simply don't want to deal with.  i.e. sending in Logan's stroller identification number, make and model and old tire wheel (which means a trip to the post office) to get a replacement.  Hate this stuff!
- Unloading groceries from our car, sans garage door entrance to our house.
- The moments before arriving at the gym.
- Listening to Logan's recent request for something.  It goes something like this: "ehh, ehh, ehhhhh, ehhh, ehh, ehhh, ehh" until she gets it.  'Please' has been a very hard word for her to grasp.
- Listening to voice mails.  I don't know why, I just don't like it.
- Making medical appointments
- Folding laundry.
- Yard work.
- Filing bills, documents and payments.
- Cleaning up spills in the car.

I could go on, but I think that's enough dread for one day - ha!

What do you dread?

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Jessica said...

Too funny Tiffany! I also hate those lingering e-mails that sit forever and I'd do just about anything before cleaning my shower. A few other things I dread - emptying Tupperware out of the dishwasher knowing full well I'll have to dry the little crevices by hand, getting my hair cut (I have no idea why this irritates me so much), and listing to my mom when she has something to tell me "real quick" - because it's usually that someone really far removed from my life has suffered a loss ("I just wanted to tell you real quick that your third grade teacher's sister passed away"), or, she wants to tell me a "real quick" story about how the customer service agent/t.v. repairman, etc. got on her nerves today.