A recent client envisioned a "Chill" event for their incentive program that took place at the Zermatt Resort outside of Park City, Utah.  As with any event, the sky is the limit (just so long as their budget is also the same way).

As you can imagine with the current economic state, gone are the days where spending money like water is a no brainer.  Client's now have strict budgets, company spending policies, mandatory spend with certain minority businesses and are under the watchful eye of peers, clients and competitors alike.  Regardless, they still want an outstanding event.  Champagne taste on a beer budget - can anyone relate?

Thankfully there are lots of creative minds working out there and we have been able to put on some great events while keeping budget in mind.  The "Chill Lounge" and dinner was a perfect example of one!  I think it turned out great.  Take a peek:

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