Visions of Sugar Plum danced in her head

Did you hear?  Did you hear?

I (along with my trusty side-kick, SR) will be representing Idea Chic's letterpress line at the Spring, 2012 Sugar Plum Bazaar!!

Do you remember my fondness with the last Sugar Plum Market we attended?  Perhaps this will jog your memory...Basically the mother of all markets - on crack.  Holiday style. I found many a treasure including vintage holiday ribbon, a gift for my niece, a dress for our Black tie wedding in January, holiday gift tags, an ornament and a ring.  LOVED. IT. 

It's true.  Last year I had an intimate relationship with over ten different markets throughout the Denver-Metro area.  I got around.

One of which was The Junior League Holiday Market.  It was here that Suzanne and I accosted an adorably displayed booth (that happened to have extraordinary letterpress - bonus!) and the two individuals who were inside.  We quickly struck up a conversation with David and Julie Sandusky of Idea Chic and demanded that asked if they would be selling at any of the other markets?  To our surprise and disappointment they would not be, due to lack of time and market research (pun intended)!

Well, waste an opportunity, we will not.  So what did we do instead?  We not only suggested markets for them to participate in, we suggested (not so subtly) that we be the ones to participate on behalf of Idea Chic.  Did I mention we're not very shy?

Fast forward a few months when we took a tour of their (A-mazing) studio and work space where we learned a little bit more about their art:

A few weeks post tour, we were asked to help organize market applications and dates and to represent their product on site if they were accepted.  I think they could see that we were serious students, ha. Without hesitation, we got to work.  

Today we are thrilled to announce that Idea Chic is one of 30 vendors (out of almost 100) to be accepted into the Spring Sugar Plum Market.  Needless to say...We. Can. Not. Wait.

Here are some of the details:

What: Spring, 2012 Sugar Plum Bazzar
When: Saturday March 10th and Sunday March 11th from 10:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Parkside Mansion, Denver
Admission: FREE!  Donation for Children's Hospital suggested
Our Product: The new Spring line from Idea Chic (think irrisistable tags and cards of Florals, Umbrellas, and Rainboots - oh my!), letterpress journals, stir sticks, blank note cards, tea bags and much more!!

Feel free to browse and order Idea Chic products HERE.  Denver friends, we truly hope to see you there and look forward to your support!!


Suzanne Rivers said...

Come one, come all!(And bring money). This will be an event to remember! Idea Chic has new Spring products to sell and we can't wait to be a part of it all! Come see us!! :)

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I was already planning to go, of course hoping to be browsing around with you two! Now I'll browse around and loiter at your booth afterwards! :)