Whats a Happenin?

Any 'Sweet Sixteen' fans out there?  I hope so.  If not the phrase, "Whats a happenin Hot Stuff?" from Long Duck Dong means nothing to you and I just sound weird.

Anyhow, what's happening with us?  Not much.  A lot.  Everything in between.  All random things that can only be best described in a bulleted blog post.  Sorry in advance.

- It's March 20th.  Do you know what that means?  Spring has officially sprung.  Who's excited?  ME, ME!

- Yesterday, the Denver Broncos signed Payton Manning.  Who's excited?  Chris, Chris! (and apparently every single person on Facebook).  This is not to say I'm not excited, perhaps just a little more sane than my fellow Denverite's.

- There has been a recent explosion with Logan's vocabulary.  We have new words every day, people.  Some recent favorites include "See ya!", "Sees (please)", "Colow (color)", "Moo", "Ooo ahh (monkey sounds)", "Ses (yes)", "Ezra", and "Beep Beep".

- On this note, she has also mastered the signs for "More" and "All Done".  Unfortunately for her, she is about 10 months late and we can now understand her words instead.

- She has been doing more and more 'big girl' activities like painting, coloring and eating molding play dough.  

- Because she is such a big girl, I am going to attempt potty training on this weekend.  Don't criticize or tell me I'm craycray but DO give me helpful tips if you have them.  So far I have two 'Froggy Pottys', a couple packages of pretty panties, stickers and some dark chocolate M&Ms (those are my rewards).  Other than that, I am pretty much clueless.

- I have been on an unwarranted shopping blitz lately.  I'm blaming the weather.  Check out one of my new purchases:
- And a not so small purchase for Chris, the Go Pro Hero. I thought this would help justify my spending.  It worked, ha!

- I just returned from a work event in Utah and am headed to Kansas City in two weeks.  Although I MISS my buddies while I am away, I kind of enjoy the big bed and watching realty tv on cable at night.  Is that bad?

- 1723.  If switched to a certain order, this number represents my current weight.  And I am frustrated.  Since staying at home with Logan, I have gained 6 pounds.  On my 5'2 frame, that equates to a lot of chubby chin, thickish arms and rolley midsection pounds.  I know, I know how lame of me to talk about, but it's real.  And really annoying.  Even with joining the gym, my addiction to Goldfish and Kraft Mac and Cheese seem to be getting the better of me.

- Finally check out these two in the Denver Post.  Chris likes to say that the cutest members of the family must have made the cut, which is probably true - ha, but I will have you know that I was out of town :) They also referred to Logan as a boy.  Minor detail for becoming famous.

Happy Spring!

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

LOVE the new shirt! I too have been on a spree- it must stop... The Spaniards will not give a crap what the American tourist looks like, and my suitcase pound-age limit has surely been met by 1 outfit a day vs the 2 per day I seem to think I need. Can't wait to catch up when I am back!