Time Flies

In the several days since I updated you all last, we have been to many-a story hours, Mama went on a bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale, Dad has been training for year two of the Colorado Trail, Logan has decided that she is a diva with a capital 'D', tantrums have been thrown, hugs have been given, time outs have been tried and failed and tried again, walks have been taken, the zoo pass has been enjoyed, Spring bike rides have been taken, laughs have been plenty, food has been thorn, patios have been sat on, manners have been challenging, teeth have been cut and so on...

In short, life is rolling on.  At 20 months, Logan is busy by nature and also slightly demanding these days; but is so darn hilarious/adorable/forgivable that it's been a bit easier to handle.  This girl loves to be the center of attention (hmm, wonder where that comes from) which makes me smile and cringe at the same time.

Our most recent example:  We were at the library on Monday for story time.  While all of the other little ones were sitting on their bottoms listening to the stories and cooing at the pictures, Logan was standing right next to the librarian pointing out the pictures and babbling to her "audience" of kids.  After she was bored with reading aloud, she casually went behind the reader and started pulling books off the shelf to read next.  After that?  Spinning in circles and clapping her hands.  Um, yes.  No idea what to do in these situations.  Is she being bad?  No.  Do I think it's pretty funny?  Yes.  Is she disobeying the "rules"?  I'm not sure on this one.  Regardless, it makes for a not so subtle "whisper" plead that goes something like this: Logan.  SIT down.  Look at all of the other kids.  You NEED to sit down for story time, honey.  Logan.  Logan.  Come here.  NOW.  Sit down please.  Nope, no more books right now.  Sit on your bottom.  Logan, you need to sit down or we are going to leave - which works for about 10 seconds - Logan.  Stay sitting.  Logan.  Do you want to sit with me? for the duration of the 30-minute session.  Needless to say, story time may not be our thing.

I am truly loving my schedule and treasure this time that I have with Logan.  But if you don't hear from me for days at a time, that's why.  Time.  It goes by fast and sometimes I feel pressured by blogging to take pictures, do something fun or come up with something more interesting than our day to day to write about.  When in truth, I can barely keep up with my email these days, rarely log on to Facebook , think its a pain to upload photos and find it hard to keep up with even good friends.  The feeling of "busy" is always just there even when we don't have noteworthy days.  I am sure many of you can relate.  Yes?!

So this is my "see you when I see you" note.  Love writing.  Love you reading.   Even if posts are fewer and farther between.  After all, I think you can see who's running the show around here :)

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Kendall said...

She's such a doll :). I am the same way about blogging lately. The days are jut flying by!