Operation Get Fit

It's the second week into my personal challenge and I haven't given you an update - shame on me!

I was not able to officially weigh in last week due to being out of town and last night I was home with Logan as Chris had to work late.  I knew I had a check up today however, so used that as my "official" weigh in.

I am down 2.8 pounds.  Two pounds in two weeks may seem measly and unmotivating, but I know from experience that the slower it comes off, the easier it is to maintain so I'll take it.

Really, the major difference in the past few weeks is that I am diligent about journaling what I eat.  That simple task somehow makes another helping less enticing, another cookie less worth it, etcetera, etcetera.

I am also trying to cut out caffeine from my diet with the exception of my morning coffee.  To do so, I have traded in afternoon diet sodas to La Croix (my favorite being the grapefruit flavor) or sparkling water instead.  I find that there's something about carbonation that just does it for me, so these tend to do the trick.  I have also been adding them to my white wine to "cut it" a bit.  I figure if I halve it with water, I am drinking half as many calories and I still get the same enjoyment.  I will say that I tend to feel like an old lady when I order a spritzer at the bar, however.

For the 4th, I am thinking about making these for dessert or another red white and blue creation of Gina's.  Love her!

That's about all for now!  Oh, and a picture of my sweet little gal with her Camel Back straw - ha!  I would totally frame this if it I didn't want to deal with people forever asking, "what is that?" :)

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