Maternity Mondays: 16 weeks

Forgive the cheesy (and unoriginal I'm sure) title.  I figure every good weekly "column" should have one.

For whatever reason, I didn't document my pregnancy with Logan very well so I thought I would seize the opportunity this time around.  And let's face it, I secretly love these little updates on other blogs!

So let's get this show on the road, shall we?

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 weeks and 3 days.

Size of Baby: Apparently about the size of an Avacado after a quick Google search.

Total Weight Gain / Loss: I can assure you that a loss will never be recorded here.  I am +6 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Ugh.  Can we say awkward stage?  You know, too small for "outsiders" to know your pregnant but looking plenty plump.  Maternity clothes are still too big while regular clothes are getting too snug.  Desperately wanting a "bump" meanwhile knowing full well ...be careful what you wish for!  Yes, akward indeed.

I am wearing a mix of maternity pants and regular pants using the rubber band trick or a large safety pin (which I prefer for making the pant closure lie flat, although creating a bigger nuisance for multiple trips to the bathroom) although I am pretty sure that this will not last much longer.  None of my regular skirts fit anymore which is a bummer for work purposes.  I am wearing all regular tops at this point and...a larger bra, sigh.

Movement: Nothing yet and getting antsy.

Sleep: Great minus Logan's recent habit of waking up around 3am each morning for this, that or another causing me to have insomnia for the remainder of the night - sooo maybe not so great afterall.  I am being sure to take full advantage of sleeping on my stomach and my back, my favorite sleep positions, while I still can.

What I miss: Wine. I've had a small glass here and there, which is almost worse than having nothing at all, ha.  And more seriously, I am getting used to not being on my antidepressant which needless to say has been less than a walk in the park.

Cravings: Nothing although I am drinking water with more gusto than usual.

Symptoms: Nothing.  Extreme sleepiness wore off a few weeks ago and my very small amount of nausea is long gone by now.  I am a lucky gal in this regard.

Best moment this week:  Having my brother in town for a short visit, which I know has nothing to do with the baby.

*Bonus* What Logan is up to during this whole new sibling process: Every time I mention that she is going to be a Big Sister, she says, "Brother!" which I can only hope means that she wants a brother rather than that she thinks she is a brother.  And when I tell her that I am having a baby and point to my belly, she seems to try and process the information in a very, "WTF Mom?" kind of way.  All in all, she is doing great and is a ton of fun these days!  It's true what they say, how will I ever love another like I do her?  It's hard to imagine, really.

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Jeff and Emily said...

As a fellow Mom, I see the baby bump and it's so cute :) I promise, you will love baby #2 just as much it is an AWESOME feeling to have so much love. (although keep in mind the bad days equal that much more annoyance haha...)