Pinterest, Blogs, Etsy and the greater World Wide Web

While I am thankful for the creative outlets and endless ideas they provide, I also think these resources can be just plain overwhelming and stress inducing.

I have said before that I am thankful for getting married prior to the popularity of such sources due to the fact that our wedding may never have come together and if it did, it would have been with a hodge podge of hopeful ideas and that never materialized into a coordinated end product.

Wedding aside, I'm finding that I am faced with a very similar dilemma when it comes to turning LMK's room into a joint space for both a baby boy and a toddler girl (while keeping budget and overall practicality in mind).

I was up until midnight last night browsing links and websites for bedding ideas, furniture schematics, wall decor and the like until my head was spinning.  I came to the conclusion that while having options is all fine and good, there really is such a thing as too many creative ideas.  Vintage, modern, shabby chic, rustic, bohemian, whimsical, sophisticated, bright, neutral...you name it.  The world (wide web) is your oyster.  Which apparently for me, is a very confusing place.

What happened to going to the store and choosing what's available?  Sometimes I think that would save me a lot of headache.  Knowing that there are a million of alternative options out there makes it so hard to settle on something and finding the "perfect" option is near impossible.

Chris offered to help me with the room this weekend - painting, hanging, moving furniture, etc. but after last night's web session, I am one big basket case of indecisiveness with less direction than when I started.

Do you ever feel the same way?  Does browsing Etsy, Pinterest and blog posts suck your time and your energy not to mention your decision making skills?


Jessica said...

Ha. I read this post as I was going through my nightly ritual of cruising Etsy/Pinterest/my favorite Blogs. I feel the exact same way! There definitely is such a thing as too many choices. What really gets me though, is when I realize that in the time I spent searching Pinterest ideas for dinner, I probably could have made dinner. Or by the time I looked through all the different baby headband options on Etsy, I could have made ten that I'd be happy with!

Dana said...

Ha! I agree with you 100%. I am sooo glad my wedding was before Pinterest and Etsy and the likes. I think I would have gone crazy with all the ideas. I feel my head wants to explode just browsing sometimes. So many things to do and be crafty with and so little time! Agree with Jess too - I spend more time searching for ideas/recipes, when I could have already had something made :)

Jenn said...

HAHAHA.. just got off Etsy, because it was stressing me out too much..only to open Pinterest. HA!