The Lucky One

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day either celebrating yourself, your own, or someone you know.

I know that I did.  I had the pleasure of spending it with my mom (the best one of all, but hey I'm biased), my mother in law and my sister in law (MH and LL were sincerely missed).  All of these women have enlightened me, strengthened me and encouraged me so much on this journey.  

Being a mom is the most difficult of work.  It's humbling work, stressful work and exhausting work.  Often it is discouraging, frustrating, criticized, annoying, thankless, mind numbing, misjudged, mistaken and misinterpreted as well.  It's work that's never ending, always demanding and seldom stays the same.  It's full of questions, fear and doubt and you can never see what's up ahead.  And in no other line of work will you find yourself driving with the windows down, a screaming infant, a singing toddler, white noise on your cell phone, Mumford and Sons on the stereo, crushed up goldfish crackers strewn about, muddy footprints on the seats and ten empty Starbucks cups in the back of your car.  It's why the "club" of motherhood is so sacred, honoring and forgiving.  Because only another mom can truly know...

But do not be mistaken.  This work does not come without rich and plentiful rewards.  They are usually small (but mighty) and if you blink, you may miss them.  You may not see them every day or feel them every week, but when you do?  Man, your heart will overflow.  They come in little packages of phrases, actions, mimicking, giggles, fears, hugs, tears, achievements, hand holding, leg hugging and sleepy tired eyes.  

The joy of being your children's mom is truly unlike any other.       

So, although Chris wrote a sweet note about how lucky Weston and Logan are to have me, I know that it's me who's in fact the lucky one.

Thank you Lolo and Weston for giving me such an undeserving gift to celebrate on Mother's Day.

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