Let's Catch Up

This will most certainly turn out to be one of the most random (and lengthy) posts ever, but I figure if I never do it, I may never be able to get back on track again when it comes to regular-ish blogging.

In a nutshell we have been 'busy'.  I truly hate saying that because I find the word very cliche - I mean, really, who isn't busy these days?  I also really dislike using it as a feeling and/or response.  As in: "How have you guys been?" "Busy!"  Bleh.  But yet, I'm totally guilty.

So what's been keeping our calendar's so full?  For starters, I may have overdone it when scheduling Logan's summer activities.  We are pretty much out and about every single morning doing some sort of class or meeting up for a play date.  While I prefer to be occupied, I also am fond of keeping a balanced week with some plans in addition to keeping days open for things that pop up.  Needless to say, I kind of blew it on that front.  We have been doing soccer, music class, story time and stroller strides (for me!) semi-regularly while sneaking in pool time, play dates and zoo trips to boot.  We skipped dance for the summer but it's the only thing Logan consistently asks about doing, go figure.  I am thinking that August (um, hello there already!) or September will be a good time to start up again.  Speaking of Logan, she turns THREE next week (and starts preschool in a little over a month)!  I know you know that "time flies" and that "she was just a baby" and "blah, blah, blah", but seriously, how did it all happen so fast?  I was quite emotional last night whilst scrolling through old pictures of her on the computer...

While I am enjoying this age, I was particularly fond of the 12-18 month old stage and can't help but feel sad that she's no longer a toddler but rather a little girl.  And a very independent one at that.  It would take a writing a book to catch you up on all of her opinions, antics, discoveries and performances but I do enjoy sharing one example: My hair.  This girl has a serious opinion when it comes to how I should wear it and she HATES when I put it up (which is most of the time lately).  Every time I reach for a hair tie, she starts "....Mom, are you going to put your hair up?  I need you to leave it down."  Or if I enter her room after a nap (when she is particularly grumpy) and my hair is up, she will cry "Put your hair down mom!  I don't like it!"  And finally, when it's down (no matter how messy, or dirty it may be) she will dote on me "....Mom, you look so beautiful."  Not kidding.  Not exaggerating.  The girl is nuts.  And a ton of fun.  She is such a loving little girl (minus the discourse about my hair) and is so full of energy and excitement.  This is one of my favorite pictures of her.  Doesn't it just capture the essence of summer and the freedom of being a kid?

Weston, on the other hand, seems to be pretty content with my hair any which way.  In fact, just so long as someone (anyone) is looking at him and interacting with him, the boy is all smiles.  He is the sweetest little peanut there ever was.  I am ashamed that I haven't even started his baby book, but he is hitting all of his milestones including laughing, reaching, rolling over and we are starting to work on sitting up.  The doctor told us that we can start solids anytime which makes my heart literally break - it's too soon!  How can my baby be ready for solid food already?  I tend to hold on to dear life to all of West's "firsts" as I am not sure that we will have any more babies.  It's bittersweet to see him grow so fast.    Forgive me, but I can't help but brag about this little love bug...can you believe he is pretty much always this happy?!

Besides kid stuff, we have been busy (there's the dreaded word again) with concerts, family in town, shower hosting (still need to upload pictures), and MOPS duties for me.  I will be co-coordinating my MOPS group this year and have been attending a leadership meeting every other week to prepare for that.  In addition, I went back to work in early June and continue to work one day a week in the office and a bit from home.  Chris is at a new job (as of the end of April) so he is still learning the ropes over there, but overall is enjoying the switch.

What else?  We have been talking about making a few house improvements (fenced in yard and side entrance) AND talks of purchasing a "fix and flip" property across the street is also in the works.  We have a contractor coming to look at the property and an inspection and appraisal that still needs to happen before that deal goes through.  To be honest, it's stressing me out and I have told Chris that it would be "his baby" if we decide to do it.  While I like the idea of a potential $75k profit in 4-months, I do not like the idea of a risky investment and four solid months of labor.  I have seen way too many TV shows, Chris reminds me.  Time will tell on this and I am sure you will hear many rants (and raves?) should we go for it.

I am starting (albeit, very late in the game) to focus on Logan's birthday party next weekend which will be a water theme ("Splish Splash, it's Logan's Third Birthday Bash!") to be exact.  It's the first birthday party of hers that will really be geared towards the kids and not the parents :)  We have decided to keep it small(er) and only invite her neighborhood friends as they alone make up almost 12 kids - something's in the water around here.  I wish we could invite all of our "kid circles" but alas, space and money (and sanity!) have to be of concern ;)

I think that about sums it up.  I feel better about moving forward with off the cuff blog topics now that you know a little bit about what the heck we've been up to, don't you?  Good.

Hope you all are having plenty of fun filled days (and a few relaxing ones too) this summer!


Amanda said...

We have to get together soon! I am leaving on a big (and stressful) program Thursday and will be back Aug 8. Home for the rest of August while Brian is gone some- shoot me an e-mail and let's figure out a date. I have a b'day gift for little Miss Logan that I need to get your way!

Jessica said...

Ugh, I am literally about to write the exact same type of post for my blog. We were gone for over a month and I had no motivation to write anything! Thanks for the catch-up. Your family is so beautiful!