Demo Day(s)

Our self named "Project 4161" is well underway.

We (and by we, I mean that I have not picked up a single tool mostly because of kid duty…yeah, that's it :)  I can, however, take credit for the vine removal!) have spent the past week demoing the property.  As you know, there was a lot of work to be done!  It's a bit frightening that we literally have a shell of house now, but exciting nonetheless.

Among the demolition team, we have had a constant flow of roofing, landscaping, plumbing, framing, installation and electrical contractors giving estimates and giving ideas on how to put the house back together again.  Meanwhile, Jane and I have put in several hours of design work, focusing mostly on the kitchen at this point including cabinetry, fixtures and appliances (which turns out can be a very overwhelming process - have you visited Houzz?  Consider this your warning for hours of time wasted swooning over endless ideas and improvements when it comes to the home).  We have changed our minds at least 50 times already.

Chris and his Dad have been doing an excellent job of managing the project on site in addition to doing several projects themselves.  So far so good and we continue to be on track for our 3-month turn around time.

Here are a few pictures of the demolition project.  See 'before' pictures here. It's fun starting to see things take (a VERY rough) shape:

Chris and Dave get all of the upstairs bathroom demo credit.

I think that's where the sink and toilet used to be - ha.

And Jane nailed it by removing nearly all of the trim in the house herself - so impressive!

A look at the kitchen.  Now there's a wall.  And…

…now there's not.  My favorite part :)

Looking at the backside of the kitchen.  Appliances have been removed.

A few views of the basement.  Starting over.

Remember that downstairs bathroom?  It's gone!

All walls have been taken down to the studs.  The floor has also been removed.

The wall to the right of the stairway has been knocked out.

The backyard is also getting an overhaul.

Take that vines.  Only problem is that now the gutter damage is more visible.  Still much better than before, I think.

Not bad for a week's time, eh?  Stay tuned for more updates.


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh!! I am so excited for this project!

Unknown said...
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Kara said...

You didn't waste any time! Way to go!

Dana said...

OMG!! Such a project! Way to go guys! Thanks for sharing the updates. I love it :) Your hard work will pay off!