Special People

I am lucky to have a few of them in my life.

People who don't just recognize the big milestones, but the little ones too.  People who have watched you grow up and have attended countless birthday dinners, dance recitals, your baptism, your first communion and homecoming photo sessions.  People who have been an extension of your family for as long as you can remember.

My Godmother, "Aunt Susan" is one of those people and is such a special lady.  I was thrilled when she came to visit last month getting to meet Chris and the kids for the very first time.  Her husband, Bill, couldn't travel for our wedding six years ago thus "Ms. Sue" couldn't make it.  Chris has been hearing about her ever since.  Bill has since passed and Susan could not have been a better partner, friend, or care taker for him.  She is like that to everyone. 

She has sent me a card for every single Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter since I was born - among many more for various occasions.  And now she does the same for our kids.  That's over 130 notes of love over the years.  Not to mention, she gives THE BEST presents! Aunt Susan's gifts were always coveted and the favorites to open.  Among the trend setting items I have received over the years include a mickey mouse phone,  a walkman, a neon polaroid camera and my very first "discman".  

She is also the one person I know for sure who looks forward to these blog posts and reads regularly ;)

We love you Aunt Susan, it was great to see you!

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