Let's Do This

The first post of a new year is always a little daunting.  I feel as though it should be full of resolutions, introspection and comments about a fresh start.  And I've got none of that at the moment...

Just some photos from the past few weeks.  Hope I don't disappoint.

The night before Christmas.  Sadly, I took very few photos on Christmas morning.  Shoot!

Cookies for Santa

Cute note from "Santa"

Christmas morning

At Jojo and Grandpa's

In Glenwood - Chris and his dad.

At the Brown Palace for their Christmas tea

…with best buddy Ezra

Christmas gift from Uncle Byron.  She has hardly taken if off ;)

In Glenwood waiting for our table to be ready.  Hard to get right in with 18 people!

Uncle Tim

Logan with cousin Griffin

Cutting down our tree in early December

At Devil's Thumb Ranch, one of our very favorite places!

Cousin time at the zoo

…and at home

More of Devil's Thumb

Play date with Logan's best pre-school friend, Lia

Grandma Jojo

Hayride at Devil's Thumb

Can you believe Christmas was just last week?  Feels like forever ago, doesn't it?  Ours was awesome and Santa's gifts were a total hit.  We've had lots of family time over the past few weeks with Chris' sister and family in town and we celebrated the big 3-0 for Chris!  The real celebration will come this weekend, however, when we head to Steamboat for a week with some friends.

Happy 2014!

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