I used to find the whole hash tag craze rather obnoxious, especially when used out of proper context...like the title of this post.

But then I decided it's kind of fun to have a platform that justifies the most random of statements.  Clearly, I'm late to the party:


Back to the injury.  At Tuesday morning's boot camp (aka a 6am stroller strides class without the kids/stroller) I felt the burn in more ways than one.  After rolling my foot off the lip of the sidewalk during "ski jumps" my thighs and my ankle were on fire.  It was a total bozo move, really.

Check out the damage (or don't and avert your eyes...now.) :

Despite the pain, I have been able to look on the bright side of things.  For instance:

- Waiting at Urgent Care - without children - were some of the more relaxing two hours I've had in a while.

- My ankle is not broken.

- The swelling has reminded me that I do not wish to be pregnant again anytime soon.  Or ever.

On the first day of the ordeal, Logan offered great care by covering me up with a dishtowel (blanket) and placing a popsicle (ice pack) on my ankle while I attempted to nap.  Pretty sweet. 

Other than that, we have been enjoying summer and are taking lots of opportunities to play in the water, visit the museum and hang out on the porch well into the evening visiting with neighbors.

It's nuts that August is right around the corner and even nuttier that Logan will be 4 in two weeks!  We have a "Garden Party" planned to honor Logan's request of a Birthday Party with flowers.  If only Target had not already phased out ALL of their 'Garden and Patio' section and replaced it with 'Back to School'.  I completely missed the clearance love!  

Instead, I am stuck with a hodge podge of ideas ranging from planting flowers, serving dirt cake and incorporating a random wheel barrow.  

We shall see...

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Amanda Schaumburger said...

Buy pots at Home Depot and have the kiddos paint them up for a party activity. Hope the ankle heals up soon.