I appreciate...


He has been working on our basement for the past several weeks. Dry walling, tiling, painting, etc. And although he has had the help of Dave and Mark (a shout out "thanks" to you guys too), he has done a ton of work himself. I decided that I should lend a hand yesterday to help him and to know that I had something to do with our finished basement when the product is complete.

And although I may look happy, even excited, in this picture, I will tell you that I'm not so much of a painter. Nope, not as fun as it looks on tv. It's messy. It's tiring. It's daunting. It's timely. Let's just say I was willing and eager to get back upstairs to make dinner, clean, do bills - anything but paint. But as sick as I was of painting, I think husband was even more sick of me complaining. Thus the appreciation post.

More fun tonight, I'm afraid, as our laundry room has been out of commission for two weeks now due to all of these projects. Our dirty clothes pile has almost reached the ceiling and I can no longer justify buying a shirt or two because "I have nothing to wear!" Yep, the laundry room needs finishing - ASAP. Otherwise me and "Smiley's Laundry Mat" or as I prefer to call it, "Scary's Laundry Mat" have a date this week. And as rude as it may be, I would prefer to stand up Mr. Smiley if at all possible.

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