My Mama always told me it was rude to brag

but, today, I just can' t help it.

As far as jobs go - mine rocks!

Although I certainly get nervous about job security in this 'not so certain' economy, I am hanging on to this one as long as I can.

For those of you who may not know, I assist in planning, executing and managing events, meetings and incentive trips for companies both in and out of Denver. I use the word 'assist' because I am fairly new to the industry and have only been with this company for the past 9 months or so. There is a lot to learn - but I am. Slowly but surely.

Sidenote : I think my official title is 'Meetings, Incentives and Events Coordinator'. This was a long and thought out decision after my laid back boss said (over happy hour), "I don't know. What do you want to be called? Hmm. Let me know and we can order business cards." Haha....I really should have ran with this and said, "Vice President sounds good to me!" Anyways, this is where the title was born and although I could simply be referred to as an Event Planner, I prefer the intelectual-ness of this title a bit more. Don't you?

Anyways, I do not yet have the title of 'Program Manager' like the rest of my colleuges. With my semi-vauge title and ever changing job description, I think I get most of the random projects, odds and ends and little pieces of the business that come throuhg the door. On some days this can also be known as, reordering office supplies, sending fed-ex's, making copies and kicking the printer. BUT - and this is where the bragging starts- moslty, I get to reap the amazing rewards of this job. A few examples Ladies and Gents:

Boss: "Tiffany, can you go on a site inspection with me to Mexico in January? Go ahead and pack your suit - we'll be there a day early. I'll bring the US magazines."
Me: "Um...hello? Obviously."

Co-Worker: "Tiff, we have a lunch today with a client at Elway's, don't forget."
Me: "Elway's. Sure okay, I can fit that in." Meanwhile I am grinning ear to ear looking up the menu and drooling over what I am going to order.

Boss: "Can you research some 5 Diamond properties in ______(insert location), and let me know which ones look the best?"
Me: "No problem. Since I stay at so many of them all the time, it will be easy." THE TRUTH? I had absolutely no clue that properties like this existed, let alone that there are people who actually stay in them, until I started here. For a nice day-dreaming activity and a few examples of what I mean, browse here ----> One and Only

Co-worker (most recent): "Tiff, can I get your help with a mailer for my group going to Mexico? I need you to go to World Market, Crate and Barrell, Target, etc. and come up with some ideas. We have $25 bucks a person."
Me: While crossing off my 'after work shopping list, "Check, check and check. I mean, yes I will do some very professional shopping for you!"

A real example below of some fun rocks glasses we sent off in the mailer. Have no fear, they did not arrive empty. I equipped them with mini margs and rimming salt and filled the glasses with raffia and a tag line that said, "Has winter left you frozen and wanting a sweet taste of summer? Get your bags packed, because your trip to Mexico is around the corner!"

See, my job really does rock. Pun intended!


Amanda said...

You're the best!

Kara Lindsey said...

You love it because you ROCK at it! Pun intended. :-) I am with the group in Mexico now and they are still talking about the awesome mailers!!!

Tiff said...

You guys are so sweet. It is so fun to wake up and come to work with people you love! I still wonder if this is too good to be true. I guess I just need a "certian client" or two to remind me that yes, indeed, this can be very hard work.