Just Because...

I love this guy.

My nephew, Cutter.
His little laugh.
The way he tears down a link every day his Papa is away, counting the days until his return (there were more than 365 links to begin with) and this was his idea!
How incredibly smart he is and the way he can build a Lego city so intricate, it's scary.
How he told his friends when they came to our house "...Don't worry guys, she just moved in. That's why the front yard is so ugly."
The way he loves my sister - When he was 3, he completely ignored all of his gifts from Santa on Christmas morning and panicked that the one he wanted to give to her was lost.
The way he squeals because he's laughing so hard.
The way he makes me squeal because I'm laughing so hard with him.
His love for organization, tidiness and cleanliness.
How he savors his bites of candy.
How he has a little trouble pronouncing his 'R's' and every word that contains one comes out sounding adorable.
How he writes me little letters and draws me pictures. My favorite : "To the Campsweiders. Dear Ante Tefune and Okol Cris. Thank you for the Mun Sand. I love you. From Cutter to Ante Tefne and Okol Cris." This from when he was first learning to spell - melts my heart.
How he calls me Auntie.
The. Best.

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Kevin & Jessica Bergthold said...

Did you know i follow your blog? I'm crazy about this post, and my dog Sake loved Cutter....cool kid!