A few reasons to smile

- My brother, Byron, has been in town since last Thursday.

- King Cake. If you don't know what that is, check it out HERE. It's my favorite yearly tradition / Mardi Gras treat from my Godmother, and my connection to all that is New Orleans, Ms. Susan. This year, she sent it to us for Byron's birthday...yum and thanks!

- My mom's early Valentines gift to Chris and I. Homemade granola hand packaged with care in a big jar, red and white ribbon and a 'How cute is that?' mini scoop. PS: Does your mom give you little gifts for holidays such as Valentines, Easter, Halloween and sometimes, just because? Just another reason why my mom rocks!

- The scale presented me with a nice little surprise this morning as I looked at it hesitantly with one eye open and one eye shut. It granted me some much needed forgiveness for my mom's steak dinner, our weekend sushi feast, last nights Bacon, Chicken and Artichoke pizza and said treats listed above.

- Tonight we are finally planning to see Slumdog Millionaire

- Using our cocktail shaker this morning for the first time since receiveing it for our wedding. Don't worry, I did not mix up a morning Martini, but instead used it to make a delicious iced coffee! Another brilliant idea from Real Simple.

- The view from my office window. Denver skyline and beautiful snow capped mountains. I heart Colorado.

- I guess just the fact that I have an office window and am not looking for a job - keeping these fingers crossed that events and meetings make a big comeback...soon!

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