She's Crafty

Because you may wonder what I do all the time when Chris and others are working on our basement, I thought I would show you! I have had the 'arts & crafts' bug lately, especially as we move into Spring.

And since I have been keeping true to my "no purchasing new clothes" policy during lent, I have been celebrating by bringing the brighter colors, lighter textures and fun patterns into our home.

The best part? These quick decorating ideas are all on a budget and done in very little time. I hope some of these ideas catch your eye and will be useful to you!

#1 A votive candle holder. This sweet find from Target (where else?) also makes an awesome bud vase.

Other ideas? Q-tip/cotton ball holder, candy dish, key holder, spare change dish and the obvious - candle holder.

Time: 5 minutes - 2 hours or however long you spend at Target ;) Cost: $2.24. On clearance now, so go!

#2 These cutouts are from an old month-by-month calendar that I have saved and use throughout the year. This also works with old cards, pretty stationary, etc.
Tucked in random places such as a picture boards, mirrors, etc. you can easily change them depending on the season, holiday, etc.

Time: 10 minutes Cost: FREE if you have old things laying around to cut out. If not, save things now and you will soon!

#3 Instant Art
An old magnetic board that I no longer use + a nice roll of wrapping paper = a new piece of art. I would "splurge" a bit on wrapping paper and find a pattern and quality you really like. This particular one is from Container Store and was $8.50. Wrap it up like a present and you come out with this:

No magnetic board? Try a piece of cardboard with an old picture frame or even a piece of foam board.
Time: 20 minutes Cost: $5 - $10 for wrapping paper plus $2 for good tape

#4 Turn an old stool in a less than fun color into a new piece for your home with a few coats of spray paint:

I'm thinking about sprucing it up even more with a floral stencil and some Canary Yellow spray paint for the top part

Instant corner table, plant stand, or magazine stand -
1.5 hours (including dry time) Cost: $5

#5 One of our favorite wedding gifts was this awesome Crate & Barrel wire bowl. The problem? It can be too big sometimes....It's hard to find things inexpensive enough to fill the whole thing. I solved this by purchasing one pack of bright colored paper lanterns at Target. They are big enough to take up space and the bright colors are perfect for Spring. Bonus - the unused lights can be strung elsewhere in the house.

Time: 10 minutes to pop-up lanterns Cost: $19.99 for a pack of 12 mini lanterns

Happy Decorating~


Amanda said...

Your house looks so FAB, it's amazing! I said it Thursday, Saturday, and again tonight. I just love every nook and cranny and all of your great furniture, finds, and how it all comes together. You'll have to come with me to these new shops I discovered today! I can't wait until we can devote a whole day to our thrifting!

Tiff said...

Thanks Amanda! Can't wait - I have loved having a friend who shares in the enthusiasm for design blogs, cheap finds and fun projects. The best part is sharing ideas all day at work on IM - haha!

Beth said...

Great ideas! I'm not very crafty but those are totally doable. Thanks for the inspiration! I really like the cutout idea. I just hung one of those magnetic photo board/frames from Creative Memories up and that will be perfect and quick and easy to change too.