This Lent (and second post in one day)...

I am giving up purchasing any new clothes.

Although I have not participated in Lent since I was caught eating Girl Scout Cookies (I gave up sweets) out in our garage when I was about 10 years old, I am actually excited about this new challenge of self-control. For a girl who works next to one of Colorado's most fabulous shopping areas and who takes full advantage 6 out of the 7 days of the week (Sunday is for rest), this will be hard.

I have already started clipping out, dog-earing, photo saving and online lusting after my new items of purchase come April 12th. And because I am pretty sure this is not what Lent is about, I will also be doing some serious soul searching, contemplating and reflecting in the next month.

Let's face it, my efforts have to be put into some other outlet besides knowing exactly when my Anthro finds will hit the sale rack, what day Target gets in their clothing shipments and when BR has friends and family week.

PS - Chris (and our finances) are excited for my Lenten journey as well

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Amanda said...

Channeling funds into home improvement, cute stationary/office goods, and antiquing is all this will cause, haha. Chris will be happy for about 2 days before you start buying lots of decor and you own 20 sets of cute cards! Just kidding! You can do it!