Simple Pleasures - Household Edition

Ideas to spruce up your favorite things - simply.

The "Kitchen Sink Nook". No breakfast here, just a cute space coined with a familiar term. Because I can't stand clutter (to a fault), I pulled everything together in one space near the sink, keeping it organized while still being functional. Having a few colors pop out in the same family also help to reign it all in.
PS: Do you like my design terms? 'pop', 'family', 'reign'. Pretty good, huh? HGTV has got me hooked.

Corral items together in a small tray or basket that you use on a regular basis for a tidy "station" by the sink. Psst - I'll admit, I never use the rolled up yellow towel. I keep a spare on the actual sink to avoid re-rolling woes. Call me crazy.

Mini Plant + Old Candle Holder = Pretty Potter
To get stubborn wax out of candle holders, place in freezer for a few hours. Wax should condense when frozen and slide out fairly easy. Keep pretty candle holders for planters, candy dishes, loose paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

Need Storage? Try a back-of-the-door shoe holder for anything and everything from bathroom items to spices. Works like a charm.
Add character to a cabinet or drawers with new hardware. I swapped out two boring white knobs for this "vintage-esque" duo. On sale at the beloved Anthropologie for $2.95 each. Head straight back to their sale section for finds like these. When full price, these little pretties can be $8 -$13 each - Yikes!

Sweet Scrub. Literally. My new face scrub consists of pure sugar and a little water. So far, so...tasty. Jury is still out on it's actual skin clearing affects.
Anyways, what makes the scrub special is the little blown glass bowl and detailed teaspoon. It would make a great gift too, don't you think? Wrap her up in cellophane and raffia and tie with a note. Swap the sugar for bath salts or homemade soap or think food and fill with granola, truffles, etc (Ideas courtesy of the older Blais women. I have gotten several gifts like these from my mom and sis and always LOVE them)

And because it's been awhile since he's made an appearance to "our" blog - the ol' husband
I really do love this guy. He's a simple pleasure for sure. Even as he sleeps next to me, slightly snoring, hogging up the entire bed (we only have a full - Gah, I know!) I have to smile that I'm lucky enough to have him. As for me? Not so simple, but I happen to be in the picture so you get us both this evening.


Amanda said...

An hour and a half past taking 2Advil PMs and I'm still awake, so I just read your new post! Where did you end up finding the cute scoop for your sugar scrub? Looks great in the new bowl!

Tiff said...

Hey there - I know, it was a late one for me too! Spoon was from my mom - she had put with the granola she gave me...Anyways, think it's from her work. Want one? I'm sure we could arrange something ;)

Russ and Kara said...

Your house is so cute! I've only seen a few snapshots, but it always looks like something straight out of a magazine. I use a shoe organizer on the back of my door too for all the bathroom extras. It's a great solution for no storage.