Not overwhelmed, but whelmed for sure. I have to admit, I've heard this term elsewhere, and quite frankly, it makes perfect sense to me!

I am helping to host a bridal shower on Saturday for an out of town bride-to-be friend with the out of town bridesmaid. I love entertaining, especially with good girlfriends. And bridal showers - totally up my alley. Overall, I'm very excited for a fun afternoon!

The problem? I over think things a tad too much and I take 100% responsibility for my whelmed-ness.

While most, and very normal mind you, people hosting a shower might have a list something like this: vacuum, make food aka: throw yummy things in oven, put clutter away, light a candle or two...

Mine includes (but is not inclusive of):
-Re-caulking the bathroom sink. Done.
-Cleaning the baseboards. So dusty. Done.
-Hanging new lantern lights in our laundry room. Done.
-Washing all of our bedding. Mmm hmm, because someone might want to sleep over in our bed....kidding. But nonetheless - Done.
-Washing place mats and napkins. Done.
-Cleaning out cat water thingy. Done.
-Hanging my antique piano board find to make into a coat rack (this is a cool one). 1/2 way done.

Planning menu, making food, cleaning, setting up chairs we got for Christmas for extra seating, buying new hand soap (you heard right), making shower music play list (you heard right x 2), arranging and rearranging the food table (you heard right x3) and the list goes on. Not done.

Yep, completely insignificant, non-crucial, no one will notice, "Tiff - You. Are. Nuts.", type of things. I don't even know what you'd call it really? Ocd-ish, party planner wanna be, stay up at night thinking of details, freakism, perhaps?!

What's worse is that I kind of love it...sigh.

My dear friend Kari is making some A-ma-zing Sangria for the shower...oh, if only I had a glass now.

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Beth said...

I think it's awesome that you pay attention to every detail! I would gladly attend any party you plan.